Bagsy is a House dancer, Locker and Waacker by trade, studied and trained in LA, New York and Japan with some of the most prolific dancers of our time. Pioneers including Archie Burnett, Ana Lollipop Sanchez, Brian Green, The Go Go Brothers, Hurricane, Cebo, Caleaf, Tony McGregor and Sekou have all helped him become the elite performer he is today. Bagsy currently teaches House Dance at the prestigious Danceworks Studios and regularly travels overseas to take part in high profile dance competitions such as Juste Debout in Paris and Streetstar in Sweden. He has a strong love for music and in addition to dancing he also DJs at major events, having played in Japan and across the UK. Teaching around the world and becoming a well know figure in the UK both through international battles and teaching, Bagsy’s experience, knowledge, charisma and love of dance and music makes him not just a powerhouse in the street dance industry but a world class inspiration.

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